You’ll spend your days on the island narrowing in on your company’s challenges, getting the tools to prepare you for future growth, and sharing 1:1 and group experiences with international investors, mentors, and connectors like these:

Gerd Leonhard
Futurist Human and Tech
Maria Raga
CEO Depop
Martin Varsavsky
Founder and Chairman of Prelude Fertility | CEO of Goggo Network
Di-Ann Eisnor
CEO of Core | Ex-CWeO Cities of WeWork | Ex-Director of growth of Waze (Google)
Manel Adell
Former CEO at Desigual
Silvia Bocchiotti
Advisor to the Institute de France | Ex-Director of Amundi
Lucas Carne
Co-Founder of Privalia | Co-Founder of 011h
Carlota Mateos
Founder of Rusticae
Mario Alonso Puig
Natasha Lytton
Head of Marketing and Communications at Seedcamp
LJ Erwin
Chief of Staff at YouTube TV (Google) | Ex- A16Z Partner
Anastasia Dedyukhina
Chief Inspiration Officer at Consciously Digital
Jason Eckenroth
Lead Director and Board of Wineshipping | Founder of ShipCompliant
Bianca Bonetti
Founder of Girls Went Out
Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Managing Director BeyondNetZero at General Atlantic
Philippe Gelis
CEO and Co-Founder of Kantox
Olga Kotsur
Co-founder of Mercaux
Pablo Rabanal
CEO and Founder of | Lecturer at IE Business School
Adrián García-Aranyos
President at Endeavor | Board of N Capital and Thune Eureka
Sam O’Keefe
Operating Partner at Gradient Ventures
Verne Harnish
Entrepreneurs and Gazelles Founder
David Goldberg
Co-Founder and CEO of Founders Pledge
Leandro Sigman
Chairman and ex-CEO of Chemo | Founder of Doctor24
Alicia Stewart
Media entrepreneur, speaker, journalist
John Keagy
Founder & Chief Ambassador of SErtified | Founder and ex-CEO of GoGrid
Paul Ford
VP, Developer Relations at Redis
Chiara Massironi
Director at Twilio Education
Coss Marte
CEO of ConBody
Tim varner
Co-founder at Roost
Tammy Beaulieu
Business Mentor

What does it mean to join Decelera?


Free of Charge 

That's right, at Decelera we are invested in your success. The program is free to attend for selected startups, no hidden costs, no equity required.

Investment up to €2M

€150K initial investment for selected startups and potential follow-ons for best performers of up to €2M

10-day program

Improve your personal and professional skills by being part of unique and creative workshops and validate your business with the help of 30 successful founders.

Time to think

Disconnect from your daily activities, slow down and strategize before your next phase of growth.

Successful founders 

It's all about the community. Spend your days with purpose-driven founders just like you. Share insights, lessons learned, and build lifelong friendships.

It only takes a few minutes to apply. The island is waiting for you.

Our Startups

Decelera is on a mission to help the best purpose-driven founders become tech unicorns while having a positive impact on the world. Some of the most successful decelerated startups include:

Payments technology platform that allows you to share payments easily and to choose whether your transactions are private or public.

PLD Space develops space technologies to provide suborbital and orbital commercial launch services to payloads and nanosatellites.

UK-based company established a B2B SaaS system to equip retail stores with tools to enhance the customer experience, improving store efficiency and increasing sales.

Spanish Company that developed a SaaS solution that combines video streaming with AI and machine learning human identification from any device (in seconds).

Global B2B re-shopping post-ticketing airline solution from Madrid, serving corporations and travel agencies.

Stampery relies on the bitcoin blockchain to generate reliable and unspoofable proof of ownership, proof of existence and proof of integrity at a minimum cost.

Italian digital health SaaS Company that uses facial recognition and intelligent deep learning analytics to monitor vital signs and activity parameters of nursing homes’ residents

Company that creates, designs and develops Chatbots to be deployed in various messaging platforms, improving customer service, marketing campaigns and sales.

Parrot Software helps restaurants migrate their systems to their own platform to provide the latest technologies, like automates sales.

The first online blockchain-based solution for any type of online deals, providing deal platform as well as financial escrow services

Revolutionizing water and recycling solutions to confront pervasive overconsumption in the manufacturing industry, minimizing the water treatment and disposal costs

Healthcare company focused on a ecosystem approach to consumer health management that improves health outcomes and reduces costs.


Decelera was first launched in Menorca in 2015, as we enter into our 8th edition of our Deceleration Program, these are the numbers from the last 7 years:

per year

Increase YOY on number of applicants

Startups from 26 different countries

Survival ratio in Decelera Program Alumni

Euros raised post program


Meet some of the team members that make the program possible

Marcos Martín
CEO of Decelera
Maribel Llufriu
Off-campus Manager
Valentina VillaGómez
Experience Manager
Kamil Saab Dávila
Guest Manager
Lorenzo Hurtado de Saracho
Investments Manager
Joan Marc Alomar
Startup Manager
Emilio Fernandez Lezcano
Social Media Manager
Miquel Quintana
Human Research Lead
Javier García Abril
Logistics lead

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Day 1 and 2: Breathe phase

Disconnect from daily activities to reconnect with the purpose and oneself.

  • Kick-off program, team presentation and method unwrap
  • Inspirational talks about Purpose, People and Business culture
  • Business and Human Pitch
  • Creative Workshops
  • Welcome dinner

Inspirational talks, physical activity and networking.

Validate the business and the idea with successful founders and develop new professional and personal skills.

  • Inspirational talks about Technology trends, Sustainability, Product Market Fit, Marketing Strategy and long term Scaling
  • Challenge Based Workstations
  • 1:1s with EMs
  • Creative Workshops
  • Alumnis Arrival

Final validation with investors, where investment opportunities will present.

  • Investors and Startups intro
  • Investors reverse Pitch
  • 1:1s with Investors
  • Alumnis experience
  • Method Wrap up
  • Welcome to the Community Farewell Party



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